We blend Analytics, Business Consulting, and cutting-edge Technology to help clients make more effective data driven decisions…

Today’s Organizations need insights into markets, customers and their inside proc​ess to get an edge over their competition and also to deliver sustainable business performance. There is always a need for going past the regular approaches to data. For informed decision making, one must learn to manage the high volume and velocity of structured and unstructured data i​n different formats.

XyBot is a predictive intelligence platform aimed at helping our customers in prioritizing the right leads for the right product.

XyBot has been developed as a product enabled service in the domain of

- Banking

- Non Performing Assets

- Credit Risks

- Asset Liability Management

- Portfolio Management

- Sales Lead scoring

- Campaign Management

The Analytical Engine is powered by

:: Lightning speed quick-real time analysis

:: Multiple prebuilt statistical model comparison

:: Instantaneous results post data transfer

:: Business related descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytical models Which enables our customers improve their business value

Use Case

XyBot Analytics: A Use Case Solution Frame


- Bank X’s existing personal loan portfolio shows a rising NPA trend YoY

- No tracking mechanism or solution is in place to counter the issue


- A comprehensive strategy for the bank which would help them to assess the customers/accounts who can at high risk

-A thorough suggestive solution of operational procedures for the bank to deal with NPAs


- Early warning solution which captures relevant Financial and Banking Signals

- These signals will form the basis of our predictive analysis


- NPA Accounts will be identified using statistical analytical techniques

- Segmentation of the NPA accounts into High, Medium and Low Risk

- Segment to Offer Matching-Right product for the right customer